Caroline Flack heads back to Love Island villa as mass dumping looms

Love Island could be about to air a villa cull with several islanders tipped to be dumped, with host Caroline Flack confirming she’s on her way back to Majorca.

The presenter confirmed at the end of Sunday’s Aftersun that she was back to work, heading back to the villa.

It comes amid Casa Amor threatening to tear some couples apart, with a new teaser revealing some shock kisses too.

The girls are currently in the second villa with some new boys, while the original boys are in the main villa with some new ladies.

Both Curtis Pritchard and Michael Griffiths have revealed their heads may be turned, while Anna Vakili and her partner Jordan Hames have both been shown exploring potential feelings for some of the newbies.

Now, amid chaos that is about to descend thanks to Curtis and Michael kissing a new girl each, it seems the moment of truth has arrived.

The Casa Amor twist only ever lasts a few days maximum, and Caroline appears to have revealed the time is almost up.

In the next stage of the twist, the girls are set to return to the villa and they must decide whether to return alone or with one of the new boys.

When they get there the original boys will be waiting with them – and they’ll either be alone or coupled up with a new girl.

While it’s not been confirmed this is about to happen, or that islanders are about to be dumped, Caroline’s news that she’s heading back to the villa appears to be explained.

Not only that, but the new girls and boys not picked in previous series are dumped almost immediately.

Those who are picked get to stay, while any original islanders ditched by their partners have also stayed in recent years.

Fans are worried Curtis and partner Amy Hart, and Michael and his partner Amber Gill, could be on the rocks if antics are exposed.

Love Island airs all week at 9pm on ITV2.