Brits warned NOT to swim at over 50 UK beaches due to sewage

BRITS heading to the coast for their holiday should avoid swimming at a number of beaches across the country due to many of them being polluted by sewage.

Following the heavy rainfall, sewage is likely to have leaked into the ocean, lowering the water quality.

Two months worth of rain has battered parts of the UK this week, leaving flooded roads and railway lines.

This has also led to full combined sewer overflows (CSOs), according to Southern Water, which is when large amounts of rain get into the sewers.

If there is too much in a short amount of time, then the facilities containing the sewage have to release some of the pollution into the ocean through pipes, to prevent it from coming up into streets and homes across the country.

However, this then means that the sea around the country could be unsafe to swim in.

Surfers Against Sewage reveal the beaches which are not advised to swim in, finding approximately 55 beaches affected by the sewage.

On some of the beaches, they explain: “Pollution Alert: Storm sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow in this location within the past 48 hours and bathing not advised today due to the likelihood of reduced water quality.”