British Airways has stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld and other ‘cruel’ tourist attractions

BRITISH Airways will no longer sell tickets to attractions such as SeaWorld which feature animals including whales and dolphins in seemingly cramped enclosures.

The news comes just weeks after Virgin Holidays announced a similar move.

British Airways made the announcement following a new long-term partnership between the airline and leading international wildlife charity Born Free.

British Airways Holidays has been working with Born Free over the last year to develop a new animal welfare strategy, which launched on Thursday.

The strategy sees the travel company commit to never promoting the captivity of wild animals and discouraging its hotel partners from doing so.

From now on all attractions where captive wild animals are central to the attraction have been removed from its website,

While it will continue to offer customers the opportunity to book rooms in certain hotels that keep wild animals onsite, customers will not be able to book tickets for any animal attractions through British Airways Holidays.

These hotels will be clearly labelled as keeping wild animals onsite in captivity to allow customers to make an informed choice when booking their holiday.