Britains 82F heatwave with higher-than-average temperatures predicted all the way until July

Forecasters have predicted a high of 26C (79F) this bank holiday weekend, possibly rising to 28C (82F) later in May.

And late May’s sizzling bank holiday weekend is part of an expected three-month heatwave, with the Met Office’s long-range forecast predicating higher than average temperatures until the beginning of July.

The Easter weekend saw record-breaking temperatures across the country with the mercury hitting 25.5C (77.9F) in Gosport, Hampshire.

The South will enjoy the best of the weather in the first bank holiday weekend while the North and West of Britain could see some wind and rain.

Monday is predicted to have the best weather. During the middle and end of May, the Met Office said ‘above average’ temperatures are expected.

Some forecasters even predict that the record for the hottest day of the year could be smashed at the end of the month.

Brian Gaze, of website TheWeatherOutlook, said: ’28C would not be a surprise later in May, with warm air, known as a Spanish plume, expected to arrive from southern Europe.’

Sarah Kent, a Met Office meteorologist, said: ‘The forecast is based on probabilities that are averaged over the whole three-month period.

‘So it’s a little bit like odds on a horse race — it’s not saying other outcomes are not possible, but that on balance over the three months we are slightly more likely to have warmer than average conditions. It’s not saying hot days, necessarily; it might be milder nights, for instance.’