Boy, 6, ‘chained up like dog’ by evil dad in house of horrors

A six-year-old boy has been set free after he was left chained “like a dog” by his violent father.

The child was found on his knees tethered to a door by shocked police in Ukraine.

Officers released harrowing images showing a metal chain wrapped tightly around the boy’s waist.

There was evidence on his body of beatings which the father admitted he inflicted “for educational purposes”, according to Luhansk regional police.

Authorities have now taken the boy away from the home of his father, 36, and stepmother, 27, in the Aidar-Mykolaivka village, Luhansk region.

The father is to be “stripped of his parental rights” and faces legal action for child abuse and “torture” with a maximum sentence of five years, say prosecutors.

Police acted after the boy told his friends of the abuse he faced at home.

They informed their parents who called in the police.

The boy is undergoing checks in hospital and is likely to be moved to an orphanage.

“The child will not be returned to this family,” said a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

The boy was checked by doctors and is now provided with necessary psychological assistance.

Child welfare officials are working “to deprive the father of his parental rights”.

Reports said the child had been removed from the family previously but the father was allowed to take him back from an orphanage after divorcing his wife and setting up home with a new spouse.