BGT magician X’s identity revealed at last and it surprises everyone

Britain’s Got Talent finalist X finally took off the creepy white mask – and viewers were stunned

Britain’s Got Talent magician X’s identity has been revealed as last year’s star Marc Spellman.

The talented illusionist finally took off the creepy white mask to show who was hiding beneath.

X had kept their identity under wraps during the audition phase and the semi-final this week and hadn’t even spoken on stage before

At the end of the performance, Marc took off his mask and left the judges’ jaws on the desk.

He said: “It was always about hope. I’m never giving up. It’s been an honour sharing X with you. I’m X.”

At the start of the performance there were 10 X’s standing on the stage, before the main one asked Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly to join them on stage.

The presenters had to pick out bits of coloured paper with random memories from X’s life written on them.

X got a lot of words up on the screen and made everyone follow their instructions until they got to to one final word.

They asked everyone who got the word ‘hope’ to stand up – and amazingly the entire audience and all the judges did.

Earlier today came the news that X is actually a famous face that viewers would recognise.

But there was confirmation that it was definitely not Geordie presenters Ant and Dec.

Another name in the running was Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern as he used to be a magician.

Before the performance, Dec teased the identity of X ahead of the ad break.

After claiming we would find out who the man was, he quickly added: “Or woman…it could be a woman.”

Britain’s Got Talent fans accused X of using their act to gain followers after they managed to rack up 23,000 just minutes after using their social media account as part of their semi-final routine.

The creepy magician first used Ant and Dec on stage to show their skills and managed to shock Dec without even touching him, leaving everyone stunned.

Later, X got Simon Cowell to close his eyes as Amanda Holden scrolled through his Instagram and went to their first ever post in March.

*Britain’s Got Talent airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm