Barber cuts triangles into man’s hair after customer paused a video of a model he wanted to look like and the hairdresser thought he wanted the play button icon

Most of us would want our hairdresser to cut our hair in the exact way we ask for; but one man in China has been surprised because his barber was a little bit too detail-oriented.

The fashion-conscious customer was allegedly left with two massive bald triangular patches on his head after showing his hairdresser a video of a model he wanted to look like without realising the picture had a ‘play’ button icon on it.

As a result, the diligent hairdresser shaved one triangle onto each side of his head to mimic the ‘trendy’ hairstyle he thought his client had desired, according to a trending social media post.

The incident was posted by an influential entertainment blogger, ‘Tian Xiu Bot’, on China’s Twitter-like platform Weibo on December 30.

So far, the post has received nearly 20,000 comments and more than 78,000 likes. It has been shared more than 22,000 times and re-posted by China Daily.

According to the original post, the unnamed customer was watching a video when he was at the hairdressing salon.

It is said when he saw a man sporting a haircut he wanted in the video, he paused the clip to show the hairdo to the hairdresser.

The hairdresser allegedly glanced at the screenshot, and even asked the customer if he would want to keep the triangle.

Oblivious to what the hairdresser meant, the client apparently said ‘yes’ – not realising that the hairdresser would later cut the triangular ‘play’ button icon onto his head in the exact manner.

The uploader joked: ‘There are not so many rigorous hairdressers like this left.’

The blogger also shared a footage which is claimed to be of the customer, who is seen satisfied with his new look and strutting across a room.

Commenting on the video, ‘Tian Xiu Bot’ said that the man seemed to have been more confident after the haircut.

Web users have been amused by the viral posts.

One commentator said: ‘[The hairdresser] indeed copied the model’s hairstyle in the exact way.’

Another joked: ‘This is a new trending haircut.’

A third one gushed: ‘I watched (the video) three times before realising that was a play button.’