Bad news for brits this weekend as monsoon set to batter the UK

BRITAIN’S midsummer monsoon is set to continue this weekend, with 50mph winds, rain and thunder set to batter the country.

The Met Office warned it would be “wet and windy” for most on Friday as the miserable weather continues.

Coastal gales are expected to hit in the south and west and showers will sweep into Scotland and Northern Ireland later in the day.

Weather forecasters warned of heavy downpours that could turn thundery on Saturday and Sunday.

Large swathes of the nation have already been drenched by their average monthly August rainfall.

And more is set to lash the country this weekend amid 50mph winds and a sudden drop in temperatures.

Met Office forecaster Luke Myall said: “It’s been extremely wet and it’s going to remain that way until at least the middle of next week.

“By then we should start to see some high pressure returning but it’ll mainly be confined to the south.

For most August has been a complete washout.”

But it’s not all bad news, as forecasters say a heatwave could return to the UK in just 10 days.

Large parts of Asia are being hit by a tropical typhoon which is sending a heat blast towards Europe.

If it hits the UK it is likely to bring an end to the heavy rain, flooding and thunderstorms which have caused chaos this month.

One forecaster has claimed blistering hot weather could return just weeks after the hottest ever temperature of 38.7C was recorded in Cambridge.

Liam Dutton, a Channel 4 News weatherman, said the Asian typhoon is likely to bring summer weather back before the end of August.

He posted a 92-second video online which shows how parts of Asia are currently being hit by a tropical storm.

His clip reads: “How a typhoon over Asia may bring summer weather back to the UK.

“Tropical storm Krosa is spinning around over the NW Pacific Ocean.

“It was previously a typhoon but has now weakened to a strong tropical storm.

“During the next few days, it’ll move over Japan and onwards to the far east of Russia.

However, it’ll also bump into the jet stream high up in the atmosphere.

“This will send a ripple eastwards along the jet stream, like what happens when you flick a skipping rope.

“If you look closely, you can see this ripple in the jet stream travel across the ocean to the US.

“The ripple then travels onwards to above the Atlantic Ocean, pushing the jet stream north of the UK.

“If the jet stream moves north of the UK, it will bring high pressure instead of low pressure.

High pressure would bring settled weather for the end of August with some sunshine and a warmer feel than of late.”

The Met Office has a yellow weather warning in place for the Midlands until 10pm tonight.

A statement read: “Heavy showers and thunderstorms may cause flooding and transport disruption in a few places.

“There is a small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded quickly, with damage to some buildings from floodwater, lightning strikes or hail.”

However, the Met Office added that parts of the South and South East are expected to enjoy temperatures of at least 25C as the weather settles down from Monday.

Marco Peteagna, a forecaster at the Met Office, told The Sun Online: “Things will start to improve next week.

“The jet stream from the Atlantic will push north on Monday which will bring warmer weather and sunshine.”