Baby faced killers storm UK laundrette with sword to knife rival teen, 19, to death

THIS is the chilling moment a gang of baby-faced killers stormed a laundrette with a sword as they knifed a teen to death in “six minutes of sheer terror”.

The five cold-blooded killers – some as young as 13 – chased Sean ‘Shorty’ McHugh, 19, into the shop “like a pack of dogs” as a postcode war turned bloody

Harrowing CCTV shows the monsters clutching an antique swordstick as they hammer on the door of a back room where the tragic teen desperately cowered.

After booting it down, they ran into an alleyway and delivered a fatal blow to Sean’s leg – severing his femoral artery – as the gang fled back through the launderette.

Sean was found in a bloodbath by a policeman with a gaping hole in his leg and died four days later in hospital on October 4, 2013.

The gruesome killing, which became known as the Liverpool laundrette murder, has been explored in documentary Britain’s Deadliest Kids on Quest Red.

Journalist John Siddle tells the show: “It was six-and-a-half minutes of sheer terror.

“What must have been going through [Sean’s] head, knowing that he was trapped like that and there were these yobs, armed and trying to get at him? God only knows.”

Ringleader Reese O’Shaughnessy, 19, Andrew Hewitt, 15, Keyfer Dykstra, 14, and Joseph McGill and Corey Hewitt — aged 13 at the time of the attack – had targeted Sean in a gangland killing.

The fiends were part of the “Laneheads” gang, while Sean and pal Josh Williams, who was ran to the safety of a newsagents during the murder, were called “Village Rats”, because they came from the Walton Village area.

DCI Clive Driscoll tells the show: “He was picked on merely because of his postcode.”

Even after carrying out the grisly act, the vicious gang texted one another mocking the stabbing as their victim lay in hospital dying.

One text read: “That kid dead haha.”

Another added: “If we get nicked we’re goin to jail anyway hahaha.”

Sick Dykstra even trolled a tribute page set up on Facebook for Sean, posting: “RIP Shorty – we always knew ye was a p****.”

But their arrogance continued during their two-month trial at Liverpool Crown Court where they acted like they were “on holiday”.

Journalist John tells the documentary: “They were laughing and joking and smirking, they were tossing paper at one another.

“One of the boys who was on bail was actually remanded into custody during the trial because of his conduct.

“Their only remorse is that they got caught.”

Judge Clement Goldstone QC named and shamed the minors at the end of the 2016 trial due to the gravity of their crimes.

Although prosecutors failed to establish who struck the killer blow, they argued that all involved in the attack were guilty of murder whether they held the blade or not.

The gang were convicted by a jury of murder under joint enterprise, which is often used to convict all members of killer gangs even when it is not clear who actually murdered the victim.

They were caged for a total of 54 years – with gang leader O’Shaughnessy given a minimum of 18 years for his part in the murder.

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