Aldi is selling a UNICORN hopper – and your kids will love it

PLAYTIME will now be even more magical as Aldi is selling an inflatable space hopper in the shape of a unicorn.

The cute toy has a rainbow mane and a white body, as well as a silver horn and hooves.

It’s suitable for kids aged two years and older.

Parents don’t need to worry about spending all day blowing it up as the toy comes with a hand pump.

Aldi says the toy teaches little ones vital balance, coordination and motor skills.

But it warns that kids should only play on the hopper if they are being supervised by an adult.

Aldi’s hopper is £8.99 and goes on sale in stores from Sunday, May 19 – but you can already buy it online.

As a Specialbuy, it will only be available while stocks last and once it’s gone, it’s gone.