Aldi customer says staff assaulted him after he left box of cereal at checkout

An Aldi customer has claimed he was ‘assaulted and restrained’ by staff after he dumped a box of cereal at the checkout.

Neil Burrows, 40, said he grew tired of waiting in the queue and had to be at work – so he left his basket with the food in it and walked away.

But he claims when he tried to leave a member of staff physically grabbed him by the collar outside the shop while another stood in front to block him.

He said the workers at the store in Acocks Green, Birmingham, accused him of shoplifting before inspecting the rucksack he was carrying.

When they found it was empty they let him go.

The self-employed carpenter and joiner has reported the incident on Tuesday to West Midlands Police as assault, who have confirmed they will be interviewing him.

Neil said: ‘I was scared while I thought I was being mugged until I noticed the store logo on his jacket.

I was shocked and disgusted at being treated like that and that the shop staff think they have the legal powers of police officers.

‘He grabbed me from behind on the collar and shoulder of my coat, and told me to give him my rucksack.

‘He threatened me and said I had 5 seconds to give him the bag. I asked several times for him to let me go, he just repeated the “you’ve got 5 seconds” line.

He was then joined by a large male colleague. Who stood in front of me. I offered to show him the contents of the bag if he released me.’

Neil has also written to Aldi’s CEO, but has yet to receievd a response.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said they have received a report of an alleged assault and will be interviewing Neil.