Aldi are selling twelve bottles of Stella Artois for £5.99

ALDI are selling twelve bottles of Stella Artois for just £5.99.

That works out at just 50p per 284ml bottle.

The price is part of Aldi’s Specialbuy promotion and there is only limited stocks available.

The deal was spotted by an eagle-eyed shopper in the Facebook group Extreme Bargaining and Coupons UK.

Competitor supermarket Lidl are selling the same crate for £7.99.

Asda are selling 12 bottles for £9, but currently has a deal on where you can get three crates for £21.

Facebook commentators were excited by the price.

Daniella Jackson said: “I could of saved a bloody fortune this week!!”

Katie Richards added: “Ooooo I need some, I’m going tomorrow lol”

And Michelle Manson said: “I saw these today but didn’t see the price.. That answers my question, why has the woman in front of me got 6 boxes… Lol