Albanian murderer Adrian Rragami deported from the UK and barred from ever returning


A MURDERER who beat his wife while battling to stay in the UK has been deported — in a victory for The Sun.

Albanian Ardian Rragami, 47, had been battling against being kicked out for four years.

But eight days after we published photos of the thug holding a knife to terrified partner Chrysoulla’s throat, Home Secretary Sajid Javid stepped in. Brute Rragami was forcibly flown back to his homeland on Thursday and is barred from returning.

Mr Javid said: “Dangerous foreign national offenders who abuse this country’s hospitality by committing crimes have no place in our society.”

Rragami machine-gunned a neighbour to death in Albania in 1998 after a bar row — but has twice sneaked into Britain illegally.

He fought deportation claiming his right to a family life was at risk. But last week The Sun revealed he had been convicted of ABH for attacking Chrysoulla, 49, in a gin-fuelled rampage that was filmed.

Rragami also admitted assaulting a child — but got an eight-month suspended jail sentence.

After the case, Chrysoulla said: “Until he’s deported it is never going to stop.”