A teenager with Down’s Syndrome was cruelly mocked online for dancing at a football match.

A DAD-of-three challenged vile trolls to phone him after they mocked a sweet video of his daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome, dancing at a Tottenham match.
Ella Markham, 16, who was dancing at Spurs’ stadium despite her team losing 0-1 to West Ham, was called “a m**g and a r****d” by scorned football fans.

Her proud dad, Neil, posted the heartwarming video with the message: “The result is never the most important thing #COYS.”

But the 43-year-old was left distraught after he was bombarded with sickening messages.

One called Declano – @zelalem_fan – tweeted: “It is the fault of your testicles that your daughter has an extra chromosome, how do you feel?”

He has since deleted his Twitter account.

A Liverpool fan called Tom – @lfcxtom – said: “When Mr Tumble takes the kids on a trip out.”

Another Reds supporter called Al – @3AI08 – tweeted: “Pathetic dance moves, no rhythm, literally all over the place. Embarrassing.”

Arsenal fan @sonny_arsenal – said: “Nice to see Harry Kane niece at the game.”

One fan using the name @DrakelsTheGoat – said: “F**k off r****d, we lost.”

His account has been suspended.

Another – @2Smirnoffices – tweeted: “F**king m**g.”

But proud Neil took on the trolls even handing out his phone number to them so he could talk to them.

Many of the trolls then backed down.

The video has been viewed more than 1.6million times, got 24,000 likes and he has had nearly 8,000 messages in support.

Neil, of Banbury, Oxon – also dad to Danny, 11 and Ryan, 26 – got a message from a first team player offering support.

Tottenham legend Graham Roberts tweeted: “@NeilMarkham1 and his lovely daughter Ella are guests of mine at my gala dinner in May and I can’t wait to spend a special evening with her.”

Another former Spurs favourite Micky Hazard said: “Hey Neil your daughter is a beautiful young lady and that is such a beautiful photo of you both.

“Sometimes people are cruel because they don’t see the beauty but the vast majority do.

“I have a Finale programme signed by the Legends for her, meet me at a game so I can give it to her x.”

Sales director Neil – married to Adele, also 43 – “I was rock bottom on Saturday night and I feel so much better now and it can only be a positive thing.

“My social media life is really about my kids, it’s not really about anything else. My brother lives away and it was a way of keeping him in the loop.

“A lot of people said it was a joke or their account was hacked.

I’ve had people message me to say that they used to use that word before and they said they will not use it again.

“If one person doesn’t, Ella has made a difference.

“I’m not a snowflake but I will protect my daughter because I’m the only one who can.

“That is my job.

“We’ve had the best part of 9,000 messages and now 99 per cent of them are positive.

“The club have contacted me today. I’m very impressed by their response.”