3 cousins aged 6, 8 and 9 found dead after child locks trap them inside hot car

THREE young cousins died after becoming locked inside a car in suffocating heat which topped 50C.

Agatha Morales, nine, Shamel Alghela Morales, eight, and six-year-old Pauline Keziah Morales became trapped while playing together in Bataan province, the Philippines

Agatha’s father Jessie Morales, 31, an oil refinery worker, returned home from work at 4pm on Monday and parked his car outside the family home.

However, after going inside to eat the youngsters are believed to have opened a door and climbed inside to play.

It then somehow locked behind them and they were unable to get out.

The temperature outside the car was 35C but experts say the heat inside would have reached a deadly 50C within a hour.

A friend of the young girls noticed them four hours later at around 8pm. They were all lifeless inside the vehicle.

She ran to tell the two parents who were at home a few yards away. Jessie ran outside and found the three children inside the vehicle but they were already dead.

Jessie said: ‘’They were not able to breathe because of the heat inside.’’

The family of the victims said that they believe it was an accident and no further investigations should be conducted.

They blamed a faulty child lock on the car door which allowed the children to climb inside to play but prevented them from opening the door to escape.

The local police are now investigating the case to find out if there was negligence on the part of the parents.

Bataan Police chief Dennis Orbista said: ‘’The father opened the door but the kids were not responding.

“He brought them to the hospital where they were pronounced dead due to suffocation.

‘’To parents of children who are of the same age of the victims, always watch over the children because out of curiosity, they play with all things in the surroundings.’’