27st lad blames his mum for his weight – despite eating 4,000 calories A DAY

A LAD who tips the scale at 27 stone blames his mum for his excessive weight gain – despite gorging on sweets and fast food and putting away 4,000 calories a day.

Sol first began comfort eating six years ago when he came out as gay, but says a family tragedy three years ago caused his weight to spiral.

The 20-year-old, who weighs 27 stone 5lbs, appears on 5Star’s It’s Your Fault I’m Fat alongside his mum Rachael.

The pair, from Great Yarmouth, were incredibly close, but that changed when she miscarried her son, Max, at 21 weeks.

She had his ashes placed into a teddy bear which she keeps with her most of the time, even taking it to the shops.

Following her loss, Rachael admitted she rarely spent any time at home, and it took a toll on both their waistlines.

She said: “Since Max died I have hated being in the house and I have hated cooking.

“If I’m sad I eat, if I’m happy I eat, if I’m angry I eat. And I think Sol is similar to me.

I’m constantly arguing with him about the amount of food he’s eaten. I think Sol’s problem is portion control.

“He looks incredibly overweight. It’s heart-breaking to see it.”

And Sol added: “When my mum lost her baby she turned to wine and food and she got herself down.”

Now the pair both comfort eat, with Sol enjoying his mum’s calorie-laden lasagne with garlic bread, while Rachael enjoys a drink in the evenings.

She now weights 14stone 6lbs, after piling on the pounds in the last few years.

Sol admitted coming out as gay was the trigger for his weight gain, saying: “It really messed with my emotions and I turned to food.”

But now he gorges on sweets and chocolate, as well as McDonald’s burgers.

He revealed: “I’ll constantly be craving chocolate, cake, biscuits. And I won’t go and like buy one cake, it’ll have to be a multi-pack. And I’ll eat the lot.

“My naughty habits are when I go out with my friends in my car, I drive around, and we’ll go the local McDonald’s drive-through, even if I’ve already had tea before, because I’m out late I get bored.

“It’s something to do just to go to the drive-through.”

Despite his unhealthy eating habits, he blames his mum for his size, but pleads for her to join him on a diet.

He says: “I know since losing Max it’s been really hard, you’ve been really down but I feel you’ve just not been focused at all and food has become insane.

“It hasn’t been controlled at all and that’s the reason I’m so big today.

“We’re not as close as we used to be, you used to be my best friend and my biggest supporter, especially when I came out.

“I just want that person back and my best friend and my mum back.”

The pair used to do everything together, including dance classes, but they’ve drifted apart and barely speak.

They decide to try and combat their weight together, going on a juice diet prepared by a dietician.

Sol’s calorie intake will be slashed to 1,200 from his usual 4,000, and they will be paired with a personal trainer and try to make a 10,000 steps a day target.

Rachael also gives up her daily nightcap, and she sticks to her guns despite going out with friends, and Sol also exercises self-control by passing over cocktails and fast food while out with his mates.

He gets back into fitness, loving his disco and running classes, and he and Rachael begin talking again.

Spurred on by their health kick, he confronts his mum over her grief.

Sol says: “This can be a new chapter in our lives, and Max will always be part of it.”

Rachael finally agrees, saying: “I’m happy to step back and not have Max at the centre of my life.

“I will start leaving Max at home so I can bond with Sol again.”

By the end of their programme she’d lost a stone, weighing 13stone 8lbs.

But Sol had shed a whopping two stone, now weighing 25stone 5.5lbs, and he also came to realise his mum wasn’t to blame for his weight gain.

Sol adds: “I was an emotional eater or a bored eater but you can’t blame someone else for what you put in your mouth because at the end of the day, it’s down to you.

“I feel I’m more good looking and it’s given me my confidence and made me realise that I can find someone eventually.

“It’s been really nice to get my old bond back with my mum.”

It’s Your Fault I’m Fat is on 5Star at 9pm on Tuesdays.